Thursday, April 19, 2018

NFL Schedule for 2018 Will Be Released TODAY!

 Happy Thursday, Everyone!

 How nice to be able to speak with you again! After months of an off-season filled with NBA story lines, Washington DC politics, and a Marvel movie that exceeded all box office projections, we are now at the cusp of beginning of all things NFL. Yes, the schedule for the 2018 NFL Season will be announced today!

  Thursday, April 19th, brings us the specific dates that all Raiders games will be played. We will know if a game is on a Sunday, or on Monday Night Football, or Thursday Night. There's even the possibility that a high-profile Sunday Night game may be on this soon-to-be-announced schedule!

  The schedule will be announced at 8:00PM, eastern time zone, and broadcast live on NFL Network. You may also watch it on ESPN, where an individual team's games will be announced there shortly after being announced on NFL Network.

  The Raiders will play their AFC-West rivals twice, the AFC-North, the NFC-West, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Miami Dolphins.

   Home:   Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Browns, Colts, Rams, Steelers (7 games)
   Away:    Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Cardinals, Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins, 49ers (8 games)
   London: Seahawks 

   It is the specific dates for each of these games that will be announced today. And once we have this information, we will formally announce our upcoming Road Trip Rally Party in Miami!  All info and updates for Miami will be posted here at our website over the coming months. 

   Stay tuned!


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