Friday, April 20, 2018

Our Road Trip Rally Party Returns To MIAMI !!

Good morning, Everyone!

Well! After having such a GREAT TIME IN FLORIDA last year, we were wondering if we can have that same magic for 2018. And then we knew: the best way to have that same magic is to do Hollywood Beach and Miami again!
Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. Plenty To See And Do!

Yes, your Road Trip Rally Party is returning to Florida! Every vendor that provided that wonderful experience for us has said over & over again how much they enjoyed our group of people. They really want us back! So, why not give these people what they want!

Our Saturday Night Rally at Whiskey Tango Restaurant!
The 3-day weekend of September 21st -thru- 23rd is when we will be there. Many enjoyable activities will be planned for you, as the South Florida region comes alive with Raider Nation bringing the vibe!

Please go to our website, **** for information and updates. We will start posting the information toward the end of May, roughly one month from now. 
You can also stay current with updates by signing up for our newsletter, where you are automatically entered into our totally free contest to win prizes as we approach our event. 

So, mark the day! Mark the weekend! September 21st -thru- 23rd is when the Road Trip Rally Party comes back to Florida!

Maybe you missed last year's event and maybe you were a little disappointed after hearing about all the fun we had...well, here is another chance to join us!  :-)

All These Wonderful Delicacies Await You!
And yes, there are many Food Network-quality restaurants there that want to show us what's up! We can certainly take them up on their offer! 

Thank you for making the Road Trip Rally Party an event that people look forward to each year. It is special because of YOU!

Stay tuned!


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