Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Hello, everyone,
There's been some consternation (some, not all) about the State Of Nevada's new policy on COVID vaccines for venues of 4000+ attendees.

As relates to Raiders games, this is not a mandatory policy implemented by the state government. The governor's press conference today explains all the details of this, "Only Vaccinated Allowed" policy. This policy is the way that people will be able to be indoors at Raiders games without masks.

The Raiders have the option not to do this policy, but then everyone will have to wear a mask...which it was clear at the first preseason game that many people there weren't wearing masks.

Unvaccinated people who want to go to the game can get a shot in the parking lot on gameday, and they will then be allowed in with a mask required. They get the 2nd shot a month later, wait 2 weeks for that 2nd shot to activate fully, and they can then go to all the Raiders games without wearing masks.
Vaccinated people who show proof will be allowed in without a mask.

That is the policy announced today. Because if Raider games become Super-spreader Events with people flying back home infected, or if thousands of infected tourists arrive in Las Vegas and cause a big outbreak there, the State Of Nevada would then be forced to do something definitely more dramatic to prevent COVID spreading. It is clear that the Raiders want to avoid that.

So, you can get your vaccine, or you can choose to not get your vaccine. But the Raiders chose today to not risk going back to having an empty stadium like last year. If you are unvaccinated, the Raiders are moving on without you...which I guess means they are exercising *their* Freedom Of Choice.

Click here to watch the Nevada Governor's press conference. The reporters there are presenting relevant questions & possible "what if?" scenarios to him.

And please: BE SAFE!

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