Monday, July 23, 2018

Hello, everyone! PLEASE HURRY!
Margaritaville Resort is our AMAZING host hotel!

Located right on the beach, with breathtaking ocean views!
 We are fast approaching our Road Trip Rally Party weekend! We don't want anyone to miss out!

We have a great Promo Code for the famous Margaritaville Resort Hotel that offers a significant discount!
 The Promo Code is "OAK0921", and anyone may use this Promo Code to extend your stay at this rate beyond our listed itinerary.

Spacious rooms with a "Let's Just Chill" motif!
And our activities for this event? Yes, they are embedded here in this blog. Please feel free to download this pdf to your phone, tablet, and computer. Each activity in the .pdf is a link that, when clicked, will bring you to the appropriate Ticket Site.

Our Activities for the 2018 Road Trip Rally Party in Miami, with links to the Ticket Sites

                                     Click each of these activities for tickets.

We want to show that city that what they saw last year in 2017 was not a dream! Let us all return and show the fans of the Dolphins how deep Raider Nation rolls!


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