Thursday, April 26, 2018

The NFL Draft Is Today, And TV Coverage Of It Has BIG Changes!

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Well, have you enjoyed your off-season thus far? Were you able to get into the NBA playoffs, or find interest in the opening weeks of Major League Baseball? Man City soccer, perhaps?

 If so, then you've found lots of entertaining stories to follow! The red-hot Red Sox, the surprising  Oakland A's, the amazing Utah Jazz, the over-hyped Oklahoma Thunder, the upstart Philadelphia much to see!

 But, if these teams didn't get you in the mood, then you'll be happy to know that the NFL 2018 Season gets rolling TODAY with the 2018 NFL Draft! 

The 2018 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 26, 2018.
Hopeful college players will await a phone call from an NFL team, telling them that they were selected to join them in a quest for a Super Bowl championship! Some of these young men will be selected in the First Round, guaranteeing them a place on the team's roster. Others will be chosen in later Rounds, where they may have to fight to get a spot, lest they be placed on the team's Practice Squad (a holding area where players are allowed to practice but cannot play in real games), traded to another team, or simply cut.

Fox Sports' Troy Aikman Shares The Desk At NFL Network.
 The NFL Draft this year will be hosted inside the opulent AT&T Stadium, aka "Jerry's World", where the Dallas Cowboys call home. What's interesting this year is that the televising of the NFL draft will be far different this year than in the past. For one, Fox stations will broadcast the draft live in partnership with the NFL Network channel. Troy Aikman, the top NFL analyst at Fox Sports, will share a desk with Steve Mariucci of NFL Network. 

ESPN will also show the NFL Draft, but a studio replacement will
be in place for Jon Gruden, who normally works on TV for the NFL Draft but is no longer at ESPN now that he's been hired as the Oakland Raiders' head coach. Who will Jon Gruden's replacement be today, you ask?

 You can find how it all shakes out here in this article from the Miami Herald.

Cleveland Fans Had Only This To Cheer For.
 So, what will the NFL Draft have in store for your favorite team? Will the Cleveland Browns take a quarterback, having passed over Carson Wentz AND DeShaun Watson the past two years (but taking Johnny Manziel), to try to get back to glory? 

49ers QB Jimmy Garappolo
Will the San Francisco 49ers find players to help new pretty-boy QB Jimmy Garappolo continue his win streak? Has post-Harbaugh misery finally left that team? Will owner Jed York ever be forgiven?

New/Returning Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden
And will the Oakland Raiders strike gold in the draft with a new head coach now calling the shots?

 Stay tuned!


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