Friday, June 15, 2018

The Road Trip Rally Party is HERE!

Yes, everyone! 2018 will bring the SEVENTH ANNUAL Rally Party to the world! Who knew at our first event in 2012, this would grow to become an anticipated gathering for all each year!

We are definitely grateful to you all for making this happen!

We have our itinerary set for the this year's Road Trip Rally Party. What we have planned will be:
  • A Day Trip to the Bahamas. Freeport, on the Grand Bahamas island
  • A nighttime Beach Bonfire Party at Mizell-Johnson Beach
  • A full day of Saturday fun & sun (more on that later)
  • A Sunday morning tailgate party.
Yes, Road Trippers...the beach beckons! 
Please feel free to click the links there for purchasing tickets to our scheduled activities.Our downloadable 2018 Rally Party Itinerary is HERE. 

We have our host hotel ready for your bookings, the renowned "Margaritaville Resort", located right there on the beach boardwalk. 3 swimming pools, an adults-only pool deck with full bar, live music, restaurants, even beach lounge chairs and umbrellas provided for your stay! A discount group rate is available to our group, as well. Find the link in the downloadable 2018 Itinerary to make your room reservations.

A charter bus has been arranged to take us from Margaritaville to the game, if you so desire. 

We are discussing with Margaritaville about hosting our Saturday afternoon activities, as well as our Sunday morning tailgate party. As soon as we reach an agreement, we will be certain to announce it to you all.

And yes! We do have group-rate tickets to the football game, too! . Unfortunately, the Dolphins' ticket website does not allow you to select specific seats or rows. The Dolphins have assured us, however, that tickets purchased during a single transaction will be grouped together. Please go here to get your Raiders vs Dolphins seats.
We are offered group Field-Level seats, as well as Club Seats.
So, we are all set! We had an ABSOLUTELY great time last year! The Ft. Lauderdale Convention Bureau really took care of us, and worked for months to make sure everyone would see the best that the Hollywood community has to offer. 
They really wanted us to come back again, and you all will be happy you did!

Check back here for updates to our itinerary, including our finalized plans for Saturday!



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